About Us

JustWool.co.uk was launched at the beginning of the summer of 2016 by Lynn and Kevin due to the increasing demand for quality, handmade, individual, stylish ladies pure new Wool Wraps Capes Shawls and Ponchos.

Lynn has been sewing from being a young girl, competing successfully in National Sewing Competitions from the age of 15.
It was at Barnsley College where she insists that most of her ‘attention to detail training’ was learned from her tutor there.  Everything had to be correct and this resulted in her exam pieces being put on show in a training exhibition in London.
Lynn actually had an evening class at college, teaching students at non-vocational level, before she actually qualified herself.
Her love of dressmaking continued as she made curtains, suits, dresses and wedding dresses for individuals for the next 20 years or so.
As the years went by life changes and Lynn and Kevin set up a Country Wear business together and it was, whilst working with Kevin that Lynn made wool cushions and throws to compliment the goods that were being sold.  However, some of the fabrics were more suited to being worn than for furnishings, so Lynn made a few Wraps for ladies, which sold really well.
Beautiful fabrics were sourced from Yorkshire companies such as Abraham Moon’s and when you have such wonderful fabrics to work with, then it makes the job more enjoyable.
All fabrics used are of superb quality British wool, or occasionally, Italian Kiton fabrics are sourced. Sometimes Cashmere fabrics can be purchased which makes up into exquisite garments.

Gradually more styles were introduced as suggestions were made from customers, friends and from research, which has resulted in these 3 garments being the most popular to date.

Her attention to detail in the design and making, in addition to the fabric quality, is apparent in all her products with some of them being a 'one-off design,' or are very limited in number. This makes them very exclusive ensuring that you have a luxury finished garment which is quite unique.
When beginning to construct any garment, the key is firstly in the cutting out, as all checks and stripes need to be matched, something that is particularly important to Lynn.
Sewing is clearly important, however, if the garment is not cut properly, then no amount of sewing will improve it.
So much more of Lynn’s time is spent in the pressing process which cannot be done in the commercial way as it would be too time-consuming.
One thing that sets them apart from other manufacturers is that many of the products are reversible.  This means that both sides of the Poncho or Wrap are made from pure wool, which creates 2 entirely different looks

The Pure Wool Wraps, Capes, Shawls and Ponchos have proven very popular with many people due to their versatility, as they can be dressed up or worn casually with jeans.
They have appealed to people of all ages, with varying body shapes and sizes including pregnant ladies and wheelchair users who find wearing standard, fitted jackets a problem.
Shawls and wraps can be worn and then folded and placed in cars, on chair backs and in bags, which take up less room and not as easily creased.
Ponchos are fun, fashionable, stylish, easy to wear and do not have to fit around curves, which some people find a distinct advantage.
All products carry the distinctive logo for JUSTWOOL which is the silver coloured sheep charm fitting very nicely with the name and fabric content of the garment.
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